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Frequently Asked Questions

~Your questions answered~

Are you open weekends?

At the moment my opening hours are 10am-4.30pm Mon-Fri.

What breeds of dog do you groom?

I groom mostly smaller breeds, but if you have a bigger chap needing some TLC give me a call to discuss grooming. I love grooming bigger dogs too!

How long does it take?

Average grooming time for a small breed like a lhasa apso, westie, shih tzu is around 1.5 - 2 hours, but this varies with temperament, coat thickness and coat condition. A well groomed, well behaved dog will take less time to groom than a badly behaved, badly matted dog. Larger breeds with heavy double coats also take considerably longer due to drying time being sometimes double that of a small breed!

How much will it cost?

All breeds are listed on my pricing list on the salon front desk. Please note these prices are for dogs on a 6-8 weekly or less schedule and in good condition. This may be considerably more if you only have your dog done a few times a year as there is so much more hair and will take longer to work through. For larger breeds I employ an hourly rate as the workload is often huge, again this is dependant on coat condition. You could expect to pay double for a Newfoundland that hasn't been done since last year than a long haired German Shepherd kept in good condition. Tip: proper and regular brushing will keep your costs down!

What services do you offer?

Dogs are bathed, blow dried by hand, brushed out, styled, nails clipped, ears cleaned/hair removed if necessary. I also offer a hand-stripping service for wire coated breeds. 

Can I leave my dog for the day?

No. For a lot of dogs, being left in a strange place is quite stressful, so I like them to be picked up as soon as they are ready to go home. This ensures your dog is with me for the minimum amount of time and the salon is quiet for every dog that comes in. Some dogs when left can bark and cause distress to other dogs being groomed, so it helps to have your previous charge away. Please try where possible to arrange your appointments on days where you do not need to rush around for other appointments, as I can't hold dogs indefinitely.

Do you groom aggressive or nervous dogs?

Aggressive dogs are very often just scared. Sometimes I can work with them and it has been the case in the past where dogs have come in snapping etc and a few weeks on they're absolute sweethearts. A lot of the time, dogs have been nervous aggressive in the past due to a busy salon with lots of dogs barking or just taken a dislike to the previous groomer (it does happen!) I do try to educate myself on canine behaviour and apply it during grooming to make your dog feel as comfortable as possible, but sometimes I do need to admit defeat and send a dog home. I don't like doing this, but your dog comes first - period! I am working with sharp scissors and blades, and the last thing I want is your dog biting either of those and seriously injuring himself, not to mention a bite from a dog could land me off work for weeks or even months! Not to mention I always have to consider your dog's stress levels and I refuse to push a dog past its threshold just for the sakes of a haircut. If your dog has deep rooted behaviour issues, I may recommend working with a behaviourist - I would rather get to the bottom of the issue than just pass you on to the next groomer and not solve anything!

Do you use restraints on my dog?

I have a restraint system which is for your dog's safety and it also enables me to get the job done much more quickly and easily. My harnesses consist of a neck collar and a belly strap, both of which are adjustable and do not hurt your dog. These can look a bit daunting to owners at first, but they are purely for safety, so there is no need to worry!

Will my dog be put in a cage?

Due to my appointments working on a 'one in - one out' basis, your dog is allowed to wander about and have a nosy. My premises are secure and your dog will be supervised at all times. However, I do have roomy cages available should your dog need them - I find some of my more nervous dogs settle right down in a cage, and in many cases go to sleep! Some dogs just feel safer in a cage, strange as it may sound! I understand some dogs feel the exact opposite which is why a cage is totally optional.

My dog has a health condition, can he be groomed?

As long as you clear it with your vet first. I do have a special hammock style harness to help old timers or weak dogs stand up. In special cases I may ask that you stay with your dog.I  like to have a contact telephone number in case of any emergencies. Please ensure this is a number I can reach you on!

Help! My dog has fleas...

If you are aware before bringing your dog to me that he has fleas, please see your vet for a treatment, as we have to consider other dogs in the salon. If during grooming your dog is found to have fleas, he will be bathed with a flea shampoo. This, however, only kills the fleas on your dog, you must treat your home and any carpets, bedding, upholstery your dog may have been on/around, to prevent re-infestation. If you have any other dogs you should treat them also, even if they don't appear to have fleas. I strongly recommend a de-wormer from your vet aswell, as fleas and worms tend to go hand in hand.

Do you provide food/water?

I provide water if your dog needs a drink, and in some cases I may use treats to work with dogs with issues. Please advise if your dog has any specific allergies.

Can I stay with my dog?

Only if it is absolutely necessary (ie medical reasons). In general I find grooming your dog is easier if you are not present, as they tend to cuddle into their owners which makes my job a lot more difficult! Dogs are also more likely to listen to me if you aren't there: their full attention is needed to do a good job and as safely as possible.

What if I can't make my appointment/miss it?

I appreciate it's sometimes difficult to fit everything in, and if you find you can't make your grooming appointment, please try to give 24 hours notice for cancellations. I don't charge for missed appointments, so I think it's only fair that you let me know if you're unable to make it and I can offer the appointment to someone else.

I have a complaint/suggestion

I do my very best to satisfy all of my clients needs, and if you have a complaint I will do my best to correspond with you and address the issue. If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service please let me know within 24 hours of your dog being groomed. Suggestions for either this site or indeed services you would like me to consider in the salon are more than welcome. Please email me or make a suggestion on your next visit and we will discuss the matter.

I need advice on looking after my dog's coat?

No problem! I will be more than happy to discuss this with you on your next appointment. I have an extensive knowledge of most breed styles, so please don't hesitate to ask if you have any queries about bathing, brushing, products or any other care issues.

Not found what you were looking for?

Please don't hesitate to either phone or ask me on your next visit. I am more than happy to answer questions and give advice.